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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Orlando Bloom Drew Baylor
Kirsten Dunst Claire Colburn
Susan Sarandon Hollie Baylor
Alec Baldwin Phil DeVoss
Bruce McGill Bill Banyon
Judy Greer Heather Baylor
Jessica Biel Ellen Kishmore
Paul Schneider Jessie Baylor
Loudon Wainwright III Uncle Dale
Gailard Sartain Charles Dean
Jed Rees Chuck Hasboro
Paula Deen Aunt Dora
Dan Biggers Uncle Roy
Alice Marie Crowe Aunt Lena
Tim Devitt Mitch Baylor
Ted Manson Sad Joe
Maxwell Moss Steen Samson
Reid Thompson Steen Samson
Shane Lyons Starstruck Kid
Emily Rutherfurd Cindy Hasboro
Michael Naughton Another Cousin
Griffin Grabow Griffin
Nina Jefferies Staring Mona
Emily Goldwyn Star Basketball Player
Kristin Lindquist Connie
Allison Munn Desk Clerk Charlotte
Tom Humbarger Crematory Concierge
Patty Griffin Sharon
Gregory North Helicopter Pilot
Steve Seagren Dock Worker
Guy Stevenson Security Guard
Jeffrey De Serrano Security Guard
Jeanette O'Connor Assistant
Catherine McGoohan Assistant
Sean Nepita Mike Bohannon
Dena DeCola Debbie
David Brandt Hotel Manager
Jenny Gregg Stewart Loud Kid
Delaney Keefe Loud Kid
Travis Howard Electrician
Bobby Daniels Des
Rod Burke Raymond
Nate Mooney Trent
Judy Pryor Trice Woman in Finery
Jim Fitzpatrick Rusty
Jim James Jessie's Band
Two-Tone Tommy Jessie's Band
Patrick Hallahan Jessie's Band
Charlie Crowe Jessie's Band
Carl Broemel Jessie's Band
Scott Sener Jessie's Band
John M. Sullivan Etown Veteran
Sonny King Etown Veteran
Erwin Russell Marlowe Etown Veteran
Michael Hatch Drew at Age 6
Masam Holden Drew at Age 10
Kelly Pendygraft Rebecca the Bridesmaid
Jennifer Woods Bridesmaid
Alana Ball Maid of Honor
Russell George Russ from Ernestine and Hazel's
Ralph Conlee Man on the Bench
Billy Tencza Brett
Hailey Knight Isis
Nicky Roos Sharon's Son
Zane Rice Little Chapel Boy
Kassie Pinegar Little Howling Girl
Daya Fernandez Mercury Shoe Designer
Michael Jaroscak The Young Recruit
Nigel Miguel Basketball Coach
Samantha Ray Frightened Memorial-goer
Nicole Spector Other Girl in Red Hat
Leslie David Baker Airport Security #2 (uncredited)