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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Jackie Chan Chon Wang
Owen Wilson Roy O'Bannon
Lucy Liu Princess Pei Pei
Xander Berkeley Nathan Van Cleef
Roger Yuan Lo Fong
Yu Rongguang Imperial Guard
Walton Goggins Wallace
Brandon Merrill Indian Wife
Jason Connery Andrews
Adrien Dorval Blue
Stacy Grant Hooker in Distress
Kate Luyben Fifi
Henry O Royal Interpreter
Simon Baker Little Feather
A.C. Peterson Saddle Rock Sheriff
Rad Daly Saddle Rock Deputy
Eliza Norbury Dream Sequence Hooker
Eric Chen Imperial Guard
Cui Ya Hui Imperial Guard
Rafael Báez Vasquez
Russell Badger Sioux Chief
Jody Thompson Margie
Kendall Saunders Dream Sequence Hooker
Christy Greene Train Passenger
Yuen Biao Indian With the Axe / Saloon Fighter (uncredited)
Larry Lam Railway Worker (uncredited)
Sam Simon Chief's Sidekick