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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Mike Myers Austin Powers / Dr. Evil / Fat Bastard
Heather Graham Felicity Shagwell
Michael York Basil Exposition
Robert Wagner Number Two
Rob Lowe Young Number Two
Seth Green Scott Evil
Mindy Sterling Frau Farbissina
Verne Troyer Mini-Me
Elizabeth Hurley Vanessa Kensington
Gia Carides Robin Spitz Swallows
Kristen Johnston Ivana Humpalot
Will Ferrell Mustafa
Oliver Muirhead British Colonel
George Cheung Chinese Teacher
Muse Watson Klansman
Scott Cooper Klansman's Son - Bobby
Douglas Fisher Man - Pecker
Kevin Cooney NORAD Colonel
Clint Howard Radar Operator Peters
Brian Hooks Pilot
David Koechner Co-Pilot
Steve Eastin Umpire
Kirk Ward Soldier
Jeff Garlin Cyclops
Jennifer Coolidge Woman at Football Game
John Mahon NATO Colonel
Michael McDonald NATO Soldier
Faune Chambers Scene Break Dancer
Woody Harrelson Woody Harrelson
Charles Napier Gen. Hawk
Willie Nelson Willie Nelson
Tim Robbins The President
Rebecca Romijn Rebecca Romijn
Jerry Springer Jerry Springer
Fred Willard Mission Commander
Kevin Durand Assassin
Tim Bagley Friendly Dad
Jack Kehler Circus Barker
Mike Hagerty Vendor at Football Game
Jeanette Miller Teacher
Mary Jo Smith Unibrau
Burt Bacharach Himself
Elvis Costello Himself
Tony Jay Narrator (voice)
Alison Faulk Party Dancer #2
Brandon Molale Muscled Guy at Pool (uncredited)
Jeffrey Meng Chinese Student
Frank Clem Guitarist with Willie Nelson
Herb Mitchell Sergeant
Jane Carr Woman - Pecker
Melissa Justin Chick #1 at Party
Nicholas Walker Captain of the Guard
Stephen Hibbert Guard at Jail Cell
Eric Winzenried Private Army Soldier
Colton James Friendly Son
Rachel Wilson Fan
Carrie Ann Inaba Felicity's Dancer #1
Jennifer Hamilton Felicity's Dancer #2
Ayesha Orange Felicity's Dancer #3
Natalie Willes Felicity's Dancer #4
John R. Corella Party Dancer #1
Michelle Elkin Party Dancer #3
Shealan Spencer Party Dancer #4
Tovaris Wilson Party Dancer #5
Bree Turner Dancer #1
Marisa Gilliam Dancer #2
Mark Meismer Dancer #3
Sal Vassalo Dancer #4
Jason Yribar Dancer #5
Chekesha Van Putten Go-Go Dancer #1
Tara Mouri Go-Go Dancer #2
Giggi Yazicioglu Go-Go Dancer #3
Sarah Christine Smith Scene Break Dancer
Gabriel Paige Scene Break Dancer
Jim Boensch Queen's Guard
Ron Ulstad Chief of Staff
Timothy Watters Bill Clinton Look-a-Like
Todd M. Schultz Jerry Springer Bodyguard #1
Steve Wilkos Jerry Springer Bodyguard #2