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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Gregory Peck Robert Thorn
Lee Remick Katherine Thorn
David Warner Keith Jennings
Billie Whitelaw Mrs. Baylock
Harvey Stephens Damien
Patrick Troughton Father Brennan
Martin Benson Father Spiletto
Robert Rietti Monk
Tommy Duggan Priest
John Stride Psychiatrist
Holly Palance Young Nanny
Anthony Nicholls Dr. Becker
Roy Boyd Reporter
Sheila Raynor Mrs. Horton
Robert MacLeod Horton
Bruce Boa Thorn's Aide
Don Fellows Thorn's Second Aide
Patrick McAlinney Photographer
Dawn Perllman Chambermaid
Nancy Mannigham Nurse
Miki Iveria First Nun
Betty McDowall American Secretary
Nicholas Campbell Marine
Burnell Tucker Secret Service Man (uncredited)
Ronald Leigh-Hunt Gentleman at Rugby Match (uncredited)
Guglielmo Spoletini Italian Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Freda Dowie Nun (uncredited)
Ya'ackov Banai Arab (uncredited)
Harvey Bernhard Man walking across street (uncredited)
Michael Byrne Monk (uncredited)
Leo McKern Carl Bugenhagen (uncredited)
Bill Reimbold General (uncredited)
Michael Leader Rugby Match Spectator (uncredited)