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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Steve McQueen Michael Delaney
Siegfried Rauch Erich Stahler
Elga Andersen Lisa Belgetti
Ronald Leigh-Hunt David Townsend
Fred Haltiner Johann Ritter
Luc Merenda Claude Aurac
Christopher Waite Larry Wilson
Louise Edlind Anna Ritter
Angelo Infanti Lugo Abratte
Jean-Claude Bercq Paul-Jacques Dion
Michele Scalera Vito Scaliso
Gino Cassani Loretto Fuselli
Alfred Bell Tommy Hopkins
Carlo Cecchi Paolo Scadenza
Richard RĂ¼diger Bruno Frohm
Anne Libert Woman in Red (uncredited)
Hal Hamilton Chris Barnett
Jonathan Williams Jonathan Burton
Peter Parten Peter Wiese
Conrad Pringle Tony Elkins
Erich Glavitza Josef Hauser
Peter Huber Max Kummel