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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Lee Sung-min Joo Tae-ju
Kim Seo-hyung Min Su-hee
Bae Jung-nam Cho Man-sik
Shin Ha-kyun Ali (voice)
Kal So-won Seo-yeon
David Lee McInnis Dmitri
Yoo In-na Ming Ming (voice)
Kim Soo-mi Parrot (voice)
Lee Sun-kyun Black goat (voice)
Lee Jung-eun Gorilla (voice)
Lee Soon-jae Hamster (voice)
Kim Bo-sung Pug (voice)
Gwag Ja-hyeong Boar (voice)
Joon Park Eagle (voice)
Park Yu-mil Ho-kyung
Lee Soo-kyung So-jin
Lee Seung-cheol President
Lee Dong-hee Zoo director
Nam Gyeong-min Squad leader
Park Hyeok-kwon
Jason Scott Nelson Jason