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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Dennis Christopher Eric Binford
Tim Thomerson Jerry Moriarty
Gwynne Gilford Officer Anne Oshenbull
Norman Burton Marty Berger
Linda Kerridge Marilyn O'Connor
Morgan Paull Gary Bially
James Luisi Capt. M.L. Gallagher
Eve Brent Aunt Stella Binford
John Steadman Sam
Marcie Barkin Stacy
Mickey Rourke Richie
Peter Horton Joey
Sharon Sharth Mail Girl
Hennen Chambers Bart
Melinda O. Fee Talk Show Hostess
Anita Converse Dee Dee
Bob Drew Reverend Shick
Teddi Siddall Jill
David Daniels Waiter at Food Stand
Marilyn Staley Starlet
Al Tafoya Newscaster
Clyde Primm Bookstore Owner
Gilbert Lawrence Kaan Counterman
Sharon McCreedy Frightened Spectator
Bill Stack SWAT Leader
Gregory Sage Peter
J.K. Wiley Gofer
Peggy Kaye Midway Operator