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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Adam Carolla Spanky Ham (voice)
Abbey DiGregorio Ling-Ling (voice)
Jess Harnell Captain Hero / King / Wile E. Coyote (voice)
Jack Plotnick Xandir P. Whifflebottom (voice)
Tara Strong Toot Braunstein / Princess Clara (voice)
Cree Summer Foxxy Love / Suck My Taint Girl (voice)
James Arnold Taylor Wooldoor Sockbat / Jew Producer / Barney Rubble (voice)
Seth MacFarlane I.S.R.A.E.L. (aka Intelligent Smart Robotic Animated Eraser Lady) (voice)
Vernon Wells Network Head (voice)
Kaitlyn Robrock Hot Bar Chick / Old Lady #2 / Smurfette (voice) (uncredited)
Dave Jeser Himself (voice)
Matthew Silverstein Himself (voice)