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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Mathew Baynton William 'Bill' Shakespeare / Lord Burghley / English Messenger / Customs Official
Simon Farnaby Earl of Croydon / Juan Domingo / Sausage / Dmitri Alexandrovitch / Fur Seller
Martha Howe-Douglas Anne Hathaway / Molly / Spanish Courtier / Body Collector
Jim Howick Christopher Marlowe / Gabriel Montoya / Cynical Jester / Palace Doorman / Mysterious Man / Even Grubbier Thief / Party Planner
Laurence Rickard Sir Francis Walsingham / Lope Lopez / Stand-Up Jester / Chatty Guard / Slightly Late Courtier / Ian / Hanging Criminal / Chicken Drumstick
Ben Willbond King Phillip II of Spain / Earl of Southampton / Grubby Thief / Alexander Dimitrievitch / Head of Guards
Helen McCrory Queen Elizabeth I
Damian Lewis Sir Richard Hawkins
Justin Edwards Sir Francis Drake
Rufus Jones Sir Walter Raleigh
John Henry Falle Miguel
Jamie Demetriou Sergio
Richard Atwill Sevi
George Hewer Spanish Servant
Tom Meeten Spanish Servant
Stephen Greif Spanish Advisor
Gareth Tunley Guard
Richard Glover Catholic Contact
Andy Gillies Boris
Sam Exley Spanish Courtier
Samantha Hindman Quill and Rapier Landlady
Jared Morgan Protestant Bishop
Susy Kane Lady in Waiting
Clare Thomson Lady in Waiting
Olesja Sidorovich Lady in Waiting
Joey Ellis Mortal Coil Bandmate
Will Rastall Mortal Coil Bandmate
David Crow Ramon
Tom Cox Mortal Coil Bandmate