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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Jean-Paul Belmondo Arthur Lespinasse
Bourvil Anatole
David Niven Col. Carol Matthews, aka "Le Cerveau"
Eli Wallach Frankie Scannapieco
Silvia Monti Sofia Scannapieco
Raymond Gérôme Commissioner
Jacques Balutin Inspector Pochet
Yves Barsacq Prison Guard
Jacques Ciron Inspector Duboeuf
Robert Dalban Belgian with a Cold
Mario David Jean-François, antique dealer
Henri Attal Man of the gang
Raoul Delfosse Belgian military policeman
Tommy Duggan Superintendant Cummings
Henri Génès Head warden of Poissy prison
Sophie Grimaldi Blonde of the train
Fernand Guiot Inspector Mazurel
Roger Lumont Boss of the shop
Paul Mercey André, gentleman of the 5th
Max Montavon Effeminate antique dealer
Patrick Préjean Belgian sergeant
John Rico Mafioso
Trevor A. Stephens
Arch Taylor Mafioso
Dominique Zardi Prison Guard
Roland Monk Belgian soldier
Micha Bayard Lady of the 5th (uncredited)
Gérard Hernandez Agent in Le Havre (uncredited)
Pierre Tornade Belgian soldier at the Gare de l'Est (uncredited)
César Torres (uncredited)