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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
James Caan Mike Locken
Robert Duvall George Hansen
Arthur Hill Cap Collis
Bo Hopkins Jerome Miller
Mako Yuen Chung
Burt Young Mac
Gig Young Lawrence Weyburn
Tom Clancy O'Leary
Tiana Alexandra Tommie
Walter Kelley Walter
Kate Heflin Amy
Sondra Blake Josephine
Carole Mallory Rita
James Wing Woo Tao Yi
George Cheung Bruce
Hank Hamilton Hank
Victor Sen Yung Wei Chi
Tak Kubota Negato Toku
Rick Alemany Ben
Johnnie Burrell Donnie
Billy J. Scott Eddie
Simon Tam Jimmy Fung
Arnold Fortgang Doctor
Tommy Bush Sam the Mechanic
Matthew Peckinpah Mat
Eddy Donno Fake Officer
Eddie White Security Policeman
Gary Combs Security Policeman
Wilfred Tsang Wilfie
Wilton Shoong Wiltie
Alan Keller Cop
Charles Titone Soldier at Party
Joseph Glenn Man at Comteg
Eloise Shoong Eloise
Mel Cenizal Waiter
Kuo Lien Ying Tai Chi Master
Helmut Dantine Vorodny
Uschi Digard Girl at Party (uncredited)
Andy Epper Gunman (uncredited)
Bob Harks Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Gerald Okamura Airport Thug (uncredited)