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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Douglas Fairbanks The Thief of Bagdad
Snitz Edwards His Evil Associate
Charles Belcher The Holy Man
Julanne Johnston The Princess
SĂ´jin Kamiyama The Mongol Prince
Anna May Wong The Mongol Slave
Brandon Hurst The Caliph
Tote Du Crow The Soothsayer
Noble Johnson The Indian Prince
Sam Baker Sworder (uncredited)
Laska Winter Slave of the Lute (uncredited)
Etta Lee Slave of the Sand Board (uncredited)
Mathilde Comont Persian Prince (uncredited)
Charles Stevens Persian Prince's Awaker (uncredited)
Eugene Jackson Child (uncredited)
Jesse Lasky Jr. (uncredited)
David Sharpe (uncredited)
Paul Malvern Gigantic Bat (uncredited)
Scotty Mattraw Eunuch (uncredited)
Jess Weldon Eunuch (uncredited)
K. Nambu Mongol Prince's Counselor (uncredited)