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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Phoebe Fox Eve Parkins
Helen McCrory Jean Hogg
Jeremy Irvine Harry Burnstow
Oaklee Pendergast Edward
Ned Dennehy Old Hermit Jacob
Adrian Rawlins Dr. Rhodes
Leanne Best Woman In Black
Leilah de Meza Ruby
Amelia Pidgeon Joyce
Hayley Joanne Bacon Woman at Station
Jorge Leon Martinez Londoner
Leigh Dent Train Passenger (uncredited)
Jude Wright Tom
Pip Pearce James
Amelia Crouch Flora
Casper Allpress Fraser
Alfie Simmons Alfie
Eve Pearce Alice Drablow
Merryn Pearse Girl in Tube
Mary Roscoe Woman in Tube
Thomas Arnold Man at Train Station
Keanen Diaper Ghost Child
Natasha Wigman Ghost Child
Claire Ashton Aldwych Civilian (uncredited)
Richard Banks Londoner (uncredited)
Hayley Joanne Bacon Woman at Station (uncredited)
Claire Rafferty Clara (uncredited)
Faith Elizabeth Mother (uncredited)