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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Chris O'Donnell Jimmie Shannon
Renée Zellweger Anne Arden
Brooke Shields Buckley Hale-Windsor
Hal Holbrook Roy O'Dell
Ed Asner Sid Gluckman
James Cromwell The Priest
Marley Shelton Natalie Arden
Artie Lange Marco
Peter Ustinov Grandad James Shannon
Jennifer Esposito Daphne
Jason Aaron Baca Groomsmen #3
Katharine Towne Monique
Rebecca Cross Stacey
Stacy Edwards Zoe
Mariah Carey Ilana
Sarah Silverman Carolyn
Romy Rosemont Rita
Maree Cheatham Mona Arden
Jodi Taylor Older Bride
Nancy O'Dell Questioning Bride
Annie Coffey Bride
Tracey Evans Questioning Bride
Amy Mills Bride