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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Burt Reynolds Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd
Dolly Parton Mona Stangley
Dom DeLuise Melvin
Charles Durning Governor
Jim Nabors Deputy Fred
Robert Mandan Senator Wingwood
Lois Nettleton Dulcie Mae
Theresa Merritt Jewel
Noah Beery Jr. Edsel
Raleigh Bond Mayor
Barry Corbin C.J.
Ken Magee Mansel
Mary Jo Catlett Rita
Mary Louise Wilson Modene
Howard K. Smith Howard K. Smith
Gail Benedict Chicken Ranch Girl
Valerie Leigh Bixler Chicken Ranch Girl
Leslie Cook Chicken Ranch Girl
Carol Culver Chicken Ranch Girl
Lorraine Fields Chicken Ranch Girl
Trish Garland Chicken Ranch Girl
Sandi Johnson Chicken Ranch Girl
Lee Lund Chicken Ranch Girl
Paula Lynn Chicken Ranch Girl
Lily Mariye Chicken Ranch Girl
Andrea Pike Chicken Ranch Girl
Terry Calloway Chicken Ranch Girl
Jennifer Nairn-Smith Chicken Ranch Girl
Terri Treas Chicken Ranch Girl
Melanie Winter Chicken Ranch Girl
Stephen Bray Aggie
Brian Bullard Aggie
Jeff Calhoun Aggie
Gary Chapman Aggie
John Dolf Aggie
David Engel Aggie
Edmond Alan Forsyth Aggie
Mark Fotopoulos Aggie
Michael Fullington Aggie
David Warren Gibson Aggie
Joe Hart Aggie
Jeffrey Hornaday Aggie
Patrick Maguire Aggie
Ted Marriot Aggie
Jerry Mitchell Aggie
Steven Moore Aggie
Douglas Robb Aggie
Kevin Ryan Aggie
Tim Topper Aggie
Marvin Tunney Aggie
Randy Val Cupp Aggie
Robert Warners Aggie
Robin Lynn Funk Dogette
Larry Kenton Dogette
Edie Lehmann Boddicker Dogette
Mark Thomas McGee Dogette
Karen McLain Dogette
Benjamin Taylor Dogette
Arnetia Walker Dogette
Ty Whitney Dogette
Robert Briscoe Evans Melvin's Crew
John Walter Davis Melvin's Crew
Gregory Itzin Melvin's Crew
Timothy Stack Melvin's Crew
Larry B. Williams Melvin's Crew
Harvey Christiansen Old Farmer
Donald F. Colson Jeff Gerald
Helen Kleeb Dora
Mickey Jones Henry
Bobby Fite Dulcie Mae's Son
Paula Shaw Wulla Jean
Kenneth White Sheriff Jack Roy
Ted Gehring Sheriff Chapman
Wayne Heffley TV Station Manager
Verne Lundquist Verne Lundquist
Lee Grosscup Lee Grossip
Lee Ritchey Governor's Aide
Alice Drummond Governor's Secretary
Thomas Myers Senator's Aide
Victoria Wells Washing Girl
Karyn Harrison Chicken Girl
Randy Bennett Privates Boy
Willie T. Neely Nester
Harold Offer Nester
Kenneth Threadgill Nester
John Edson Male Reporter
Robert Ginnaven Male Reporter
Sharon Ammann Female Reporter
Claudette Gardner Female Reporter
Suzi McLaughlin Female Reporter
Anne Gaybis Chicken Ranch Girl (uncredited)
Larry Gilman 50's Vignette (uncredited)
Bob Harks Audience Member (uncredited)
Kay Parker World War II Girl (uncredited)
Catherine Wilkinson Young Whore Dancer (uncredited)
Bret Williams Silhouette Cowboy (uncredited)
Robbin Young Working Girl in Whorehouse (uncredited)
Chuck Dawson JukeBox Delivery Man (uncredited)
Kitten Natividad 1910 Working Girl