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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Vinnie Jones Mike Sullivan
Derek Jacobi The Tramp / Charles Dickens
Julie Cox Kate Merrill
Vanessa Redgrave Roberta Elliot
Jason Flemyng Don Roberts CEO
P.H. Moriarty D.I. Willis / Constable Frederick (as P H Moriarty)
Mel Smith Professor Cranshaw
Vera Day Sadie Miller
Mark Asante Dwayne
Elly Fairman Veronica Miller
Barbara Edwards Receptionist
Louise Morrison Kelly Robinson
Magda Rodriguez Ruth
Michael Fenton Stevens Alistair Forsyth M.P.
Shelly Goldstein Maud Skenshal
Gareth Hunt Roy McBride
Allin Kempthorne Cedric Skenshal
Kenny Lynch Shotgun Ronnie White
Clemmie Myers Margot / Alice Abercrombie
Matt Bailey Lab Technician
Paul Valentine Foreshore Thug 1