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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Daniel Craig Joe Scott
Harry Eden Young Joe Scott
Miriam Karlin Mrs. Rogers
Jodhi May Evelyn Adams
Helen McCrory Peggy Tickell
Olivia Williams Grace Scott
Felicity Jones Young Ruth Davies
Keeley Hawes Jesse Scott
Sid Mitchell Chillo
Alfie Allen Kevin Hubble
Claire Forlani Ruth Davies
Mark Strong Manny Miesel
James D'Arcy Jack Adams
Annabel Linder Dawn
Max Deacon Boots
Angie Ruiz Priscilla
Emilia Fox Sister Jean
Gina Athans Apple
Julie Ordon Carrie Ann
Eve Jeffers Cooper Ophelia Franklin
Max Robson Max
Emile Robert Young Joe Scot
Erich Conrad Voice of Radio DJ