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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Sylvester Stallone Robert 'Rocky' Balboa
Talia Shire Adrianna 'Adrian' Balboa
Burt Young Paulie Pennino
Carl Weathers Apollo Creed
Mr. T Clubber Lang
Burgess Meredith Mickey Goldmill
Tony Burton Tony 'Duke' Evers
Hulk Hogan Thunderlips
Ina Fried Robert 'Rocky' Balboa Jr.
Al Silvani Al
Wally Taylor Clubber Lang's Manager
Jim Hill Sportscaster
Don Sherman Andy
Dennis James Wrestling commentator 1
Jim Healy Wrestling commentator 2
Ray Gedeon Wrestling Referee
Gene Crane Mayor
Stu Nahan Title Rematch Commentator
Bill Baldwin Title Rematch Commentator
Jimmy Lennon Sr. Title Announcer
Marty Denkin Title Referee
John David Morris Doctor
Lou Fillipo Rematch Referee
Jeff Temkin Rematch Ring Announcer
Mario Machado Interviewer
Tony Hernández Himself
Frank Stallone Jr. Singer / Opponent
Philmore Berger Rabbi
Big Yank Sparring Partner
François André Clubber's Cornerman
Eddie Smith Clubber's Cornerman
Chino 'Fats' Williams Derelict
LeRoy Neiman Special Appearance
Bob Minor Challenger
Clifford Strong Challenger
Julius LeFlore Challenger
Jason Felice Challenger
Tony Brubaker Challenger
Rex Pierson Challenger
Ray Notaro Jr. Challenger
Charles A. Tamburro Challenger
Carey Lindley Challenger
Jophery C. Brown Challenger
Gilbert B. Combs Challenger
David Cadiente Opponent
Roger Braxton Opponent
J.D. Smith Opponent
Tom Lupo Opponent
Melvin Jones Opponent
Alex Brown Opponent
David R. Ellis Opponent
George O'Mara Opponent
Clarke Coleman Police
Billy Hank Hooker Police
Mickey Gilbert Police
Fred Waugh Police
James M. Halty Police
Sasha Stallone Woman in Gym (uncredited)
Jim Henson Kermit the Frog (voice)