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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Tobey Maguire Jeff Lang
Elizabeth Banks Nealy Lang
Kerry Washington Rebecca Mazzoni
Ray Liotta Peter Mazzoni
Laura Linney Lila
Dennis Haysbert Lincoln
Gary Schwartz Plans Inspector
Cathy Vu Fantasy Fruit Girl
Rose Cano Alma
Traci L. Crouch Pregnant Traci
Gretchen Lieberum Great Internet Boobs
Marlette Buchanan Angela
Lucas Steel Estes Ultrasound Child
Martin Andris Gym Guy (uncredited)
Heidi Barrientes Neighbor (uncredited)
Sarah Best Basketball player (uncredited)
Nikita Breznikov Detective (uncredited)
Natasha Duvall Basketball Player (uncredited)
Amanda Hardy Basketball Player (uncredited)
Lisa Miller-Jacobs Mojito Girl (uncredited)
Shanga Parker Ron (uncredited)
Jesse James Pattison Basketball Player (uncredited)
Sam Trammell Chris (uncredited)