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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Jean-Paul Belmondo Roger Pilard, aka "l'Alpagueur"
Bruno Cremer Gilbert, aka "l'Epervier"
Jean Négroni Spitzer
Patrick Fierry Costa Valdez
Jean-Pierre Jorris Salicetti
Victor Garrivier Doumecq
Claude Brosset Granier
Marcel Imhoff Director of cabinet
Maurice Auzel Road driver 'Gros Bras'
Muriel Belmondo First flight attendant
Roger Benamou Spanish mafioso
Jean-Luc Boutté Second rifle
Patrice Chapelain-Midy First bank employee
Michèle Delacroix Second flight attendant
Jacques Destoop Sicilian mafioso
Jacques Dhéry Prison director
Max Doria Jeweler
François Germain Guardian of the prison door
Claude Guerry Marcel, the truker
Francis Huger Commissioner Gavarni
Jack Jourdain First rifle
Suzan Kent Hostess
Charly Koubesserian Poisoned prisoner
Marc Lamole Third rifle
Mitia Lanzmann the young biker
Dave Larsen 4th rifle
Jean-Claude Magret Second bank employee
Henri Viscogliosi Mediterranean mafioso
Michel Berreur Henchman (uncredited)
René Chateau South American mafioso (uncredited)