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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Whoopi Goldberg Corrina Washington
Ray Liotta Manny Singer
Tina Majorino Molly Singer
Joan Cusack Jonesy
Larry Miller Sid
Jenifer Lewis Jevina
Wendy Crewson Jenny Davis
Erica Yohn Grandma Eva
Don Ameche Grandpa Harry
Brent Spiner Brent Witherspoon
Tommy Bertelsen Bratty Boy
Lin Shaye Repeat Nanny
Noreen Hennessey High Heels
Lucy Webb Shirl
Juney Ellis Miss O'Herlihy
Mimi Lieber Rita Lang
Karen Leigh Hopkins Liala Sheffield
Pearl Huang Mrs. Wang
Marcus Toji Tommy
Louis Mustillo Joe Allechinetti
Patrika Darbo Wilma
Don Pugsley Delivery Man 1
Lynette Walden Annie
Bryan Gordon Business Associate
Jevetta Steele Club Singer
Yonda Davis Woman in Audience
Curtis Williams Percy
Briahnna Odom Lizzie
Ashley Taylor Walls Mavis
Harold Sylvester Frank
Steven Williams Anthony T. Williams
Asher Metchik Lewis
Courtland Mead Howard
Sue Carlton Mrs. Werner
Kyle Orsi Gregory
Maud Winchester Mrs. Rodgers
K.T. Stevens Mrs. Morgan
Christopher Chisholm John Brennan
Bryan A. Robinson Chubby Boy
Roz Witt Mrs. Murphy
Sean Moran 2nd Delivery Man