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Profile Pic Name Character Birthday Deathday Age at Release
Mel Brooks Moses/Comicus/Torquemada/Jacques/King Louis XVI
Dom DeLuise Emperor Nero
Madeline Kahn Empress Nympho
Harvey Korman Count de Monet
Cloris Leachman Madame Defarge
Ron Carey Swiftus
Gregory Hines Josephus
Pamela Stephenson Mademoiselle Rimbaud
Shecky Greene Marcus Vindictus
Sid Caesar Chief Caveman
Mary-Margaret Humes Miriam
Orson Welles Narrator
Rudy De Luca Prehistoric Man / Captain Mucus - The Roman Empire
Leigh French Prehistoric Woman
Richard Karron Prehistoric Man
Susette Carroll Prehistoric Man
Sammy Shore Prehistoric Man
J.J. Barry Prehistoric Man
Earl Finn Prehistoric Man / Disciple - The Roman Empire
Suzanne Kent Prehistoric Man
Michael Champion Prehistoric Man
Howard Morris Court Spokesman - The Roman Empire
Charlie Callas Soothsayer - The Roman Empire
Dena Dietrich Competence - The Roman Empire
Paul Mazursky Roman Officer - The Roman Empire
Jack Riley Stoned Soldier #2 - The Roman Empire
Art Metrano Leonardo DaVinci - The Roman Empire
Diane Day Caladonia - The Roman Empire
Henny Youngman Chemist - The Roman Empire
Hunter von Leer Lt. Bob - The Roman Empire
Fritz Feld Maitre 'D - The Roman Empire
Hugh Hefner Entrepreneur - The Roman Empire
Pat McCormick Plumbing Salesman - The Roman Empire
Barry Levinson Column Salesman - The Roman Empire
Johnny Silver Small Liar - The Roman Empire
John Hurt Jesus - The Roman Empire
Jeana Keough Vestal Virgin - The Roman Empire (as Jeana Tomasino)
Heidi Sorenson Vestal Virgin - The Roman Empire
Lori Sutton Vestal Virgin - The Roman Empire
Jackie Mason Jew #1 - The Spanish Inquisition
Phil Leeds Chief Monk - The Spanish Inquisition
Jack Carter Rat Vendor - The French Revolution
Spike Milligan Monsieur Rimbaud - The French Revolution
John Hillerman Rich Man - The French Revolution
Sydney Lassick Applecore Vendor - The French Revolution (as Sidney Lassick)
Fiona Richmond Queen - The French Revolution
Nigel Hawthorne Citizen Official - The French Revolution
Bea Arthur Dole office clerk (uncredited)
Cleo Rocos French Girl (uncredited)
Ron Clark Stoned Soldier #1 - The Roman Empire
Andréas Voutsinas Bearnaise
Lisa Welch Vestal Virgin - The Roman Empire