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Movie Release Date Character Age at Release
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 04/18/49 Peasant (uncredited) Unknown
Blondie in the Dough 10/16/47 Premier Biscuit Board Member (uncredited) Unknown
Hold That Lion! 07/17/47 Bearded Man (uncredited) Unknown
It Happened on Fifth Avenue 04/17/47 Executive (uncredited) Unknown
The Good Bad Egg 03/20/47 Mr. Collins (uncredited) Unknown
Mr. Noisy 03/22/46 Toupeed Baseball Spectator (uncredited) Unknown
Hiss and Yell 02/14/46 Conductor (uncredited) Unknown
A Hit with a Miss 12/13/45 Spectator with Toupee (uncredited) Unknown
Kitty 10/16/45 Duke's Best Man (uncredited) Unknown
If a Body Meets a Body 08/30/45 Family Member Unknown
Escape in the Fog 04/05/45 Bit Role (uncredited) Unknown
A Song to Remember 01/19/45 Man at Berlin Concert (uncredited) Unknown
Belle of the Yukon 12/27/44 Bartender (uncredited) Unknown
The Missing Juror 11/16/44 Clem Poskins (Uncredited) Unknown
Bachelor Daze 02/17/44 Onlooker in doorway Unknown
After Midnight with Boston Blackie 03/18/43 Key Man Unknown
A Night to Remember 12/10/42 Bald-Headed Man Unknown
The Man Who Returned to Life 02/05/42 Unknown
Texas 10/09/41 Cattleman at Meeting Unknown
Pardon My Berth Marks 03/22/40 Train Passenger Unknown
Nothing But Pleasure 01/19/40 Deputy Unknown
Glove Slingers 11/24/39 Father Donovan (uncredited) Unknown
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 10/19/39 Senator Grainger (uncredited) Unknown
Only Angels Have Wings 05/15/39 Plantation Overseer Unknown
A Doggone Mixup 12/05/38 Neighbor Unknown
You Can't Take It with You 09/01/38 Man (uncredited) Unknown