IMDb Page
Movie Release Date Character Age at Release
Walk Like a Panther 03/09/18 Harry Unknown
Barbara's Old Ring 12/25/12 Joe Carroll Unknown
Joe's Crackers 12/25/10 Joe Unknown
The Royle Family: Behind the Sofa 11/10/10 Self Unknown
The Golden Egg Cup 12/25/09 Joe Carroll Unknown
The Queen of Sheba 10/29/06 Joe Carroll Unknown
Brassed Off 11/01/96 Ernie Unknown
Funny Bones 09/20/95 Skipper Unknown
On the Palm 04/05/87 Fledge Unknown
Wynne and Penkovsky 02/01/85 Oldfield Unknown
A Dedicated Man 03/31/82 Reg Unknown
England's Greens and Peasant Land 01/05/82 Sid Unknown
Nearly a Happy Ending 05/31/80 Les Dickey Unknown
Buses 03/13/80 1st driver Unknown
The Price of Coal, Part 1: Meet the People 03/29/77 Bomb Squad Unknown