IMDb Page
Movie Release Date Character Age at Release
A Midsummer Night's Dream 12/23/22 Egeus Unknown
The Cathar 11/26/21 Landowner Unknown
The Protégé 08/19/21 Doctor Unknown
Ruth 03/12/21 Kenneth Unknown
Granbad 02/28/19 Granddad Unknown
The Last Witness 05/11/18 Kings Arms Landlord Unknown
1066: A Year to Conquer England 02/28/17 English Noble Unknown
Legacy 06/19/15 Homeless Guy Unknown
Arthur & Merlin 04/17/15 King Vortigern Unknown
National Theatre Live: Treasure Island 01/22/15 Blind Pew Unknown
Blood Moon 08/25/14 Charlie Packham Unknown
Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This 04/21/14 Billy Mayo Unknown
300: Rise of an Empire 03/05/14 Old Statesman Unknown
N.F.A. (No Fixed Abode) 11/29/13 John Unknown
Truth or Dare 08/05/12 Woodbridge Unknown
Gulliver's Travels 12/23/10 Foreman Unknown
Never Let Me Go 03/18/10 Keffers Unknown
The Wolfman 02/10/10 Kirk Unknown
National Theatre Live: Nation 01/30/10 Captain Roberts Unknown
Round Ireland with a Fridge 01/01/10 Mac Unknown
Dorian Gray 09/09/09 Theatre Manager Unknown
Shadows in the Sun 06/15/09 Unknown
The Boat That Rocked 04/01/09 Marianne's Captain Unknown
Slaughter 01/09/09 Jorgen Unknown
RocknRolla 09/04/08 Barman Unknown
Elizabeth: The Golden Age 09/09/07 Cellarman Unknown
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 11/16/05 Ministry Wizard Unknown
Not Only But Always 12/30/04 Teabag Unknown
Love or Money 10/16/01 Willy Unknown
Superstition 10/13/01 Vassi Unknown
Mr In-Between 09/10/01 Detective Inspector Marlowe Unknown
A Knight's Tale 05/11/01 Retired Knight Unknown
Sabotage!! 10/14/00 General 3 - Nicamore Unknown
Jinnah 11/07/98 Birwhistle Unknown
Photographing Fairies 09/19/97 Prison Warder Unknown
Surviving Picasso 09/04/96 Waiting Man Unknown
A Very Open Prison 12/09/95 Ricky Dorrell Unknown
Is That All There Is? 12/01/92 Self Unknown
The Fool 12/07/90 Unknown
Venom 11/28/81 Driver Unknown
You're Not Watching Me, Mummy 01/02/79 Aubrey Unknown
Let's Get Laid 05/01/78 Sgt. Millicent Unknown
Royal Flash 10/10/75 Policeman Unknown
O Lucky Man! 03/25/73 Unknown
Cat Got Your Tongue None Brian Unknown